Imagine having to protect your home, town, country against a cavalcade of enemies. You need to cut transmission ways. You can use only a few automatic guns which emit bullets. You can place them in very few places. You know that if you allow your enemy to transport enough goods, your enemy becomes stronger and stronger. If you want to protect your habitat, you have to organise ambushes. On each level your goal is to annihilate enough amount of enemies before they reach the destination.

Goal of the game:

The Game is consisting of 20 levels. The goal of each level is not to allow to reach the destination by enemies. The more enemies in the destination the more dangerous the Enemies Castle becomes. If you stop enough amount of enemies before they reach your Castle You will cut this particular transmision way and save your home. If not - you loose.


Navigation troughout the menus is intuitive. When you play the game you click (touch) the particular cubes on the screen. This action effects with placeing the Gun on it or not . Placeing Guns is possible only on Transmission Cubes. However, placeing Guns is not always possible on Transmission Cubes. If particular Cube is taken for enemies path you will not be able to create Gun there. You can place them on Enemy or Swamp Cubes as well, but creating them in these places effects loosing them by burning up or sinking. You have limited amount of Guns. If you reach the limit, trying to create new one results moving the oldest one in new place. On the lower left screen corner you can read how many Guns you alredy created and what is the limit of them. On the upper left corner there is information about amount of enemies they have to reach the destination in order to destroy it. On the upper right corner there is the information , how many enemies you need to deactivate in order the ambush becomes successful.

Have Fun!!!